Monthly Archives: January 2009

How about we leave Jessica Simpson alone?

As I’m sure you know (unless you ignore the internet and TV), the current week has seen a spate of articles about the Jessica Simpson “controversy” (e.g., she’s gained some weight — the horror!). Check out the posts below for an understanding of all that’s wrong with what’s happening to Jessica in the media: […]

Obama Signs Equal-Pay Act

Really, there’s nothing more to add to the headline, other than a link and a picture:

New Administration = More Women in Science?

From the New York Times, an interesting piece speculating on whether the new administration wil translate into more women in science. Given that this year’s Starr Symposium (coming up in October 2009 — check our website for updates beginning in March) will focus on the topic of women in math, engineering, technology and science, I […]

V-Day is in February

Just a reminder that UMKC V-Day 2009 events will be taking place in Februrary. We’ll be blogging more details on, but for now, be sure to check out our press releases and website for more info: elevenyear-anniversary/3287/ If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or donating to our silent auction, follow these […]

Teens and Plastic Surgery

We’re a bit behind blogging on this article in the New York Times about teens getting plastic surgery (also see Jezebel for a great response). I find this absolutely horrifying — I’ve heard stories from students about parents buying breast implant surgery for their daughters as high school graduation presents, but had hoped that was […]

Women are Bullies in Workplace

According to a recent study, women account for the majority of the bullying towards other women that takes place in the workplace. Peggy Claus writes about it for the New York Times here: To read Jezebel’s commentary on it, check out their post here: These include some great thoughts on why women don’t speak up […]

Gender Neutral House

The House has officially made its language gender-neutral: And while I’m sure there would be those out there that argue this is a small matter, I urge you to consider what you picture every time someone uses the generic “he” – studies show it isn’t a woman. I’m as giddy as the writers of […]

More Women on the Hill

A great speech by Hillary during her confirmation hearing on the role of women’s issues for the new administration: I just have to say again that I’m very excited about the promise that this administration seems to have for women, girls, and women’s issues and hoping to have more positive things to write about […]

Bridezillas Take the Big Screen…Oh Yay

If you haven’t heard already, there’s this fabulous new movie that just came out…NOT. Bride Wars features two friends whose wedding is accidently booked for the same day at their dream location; therefore hilarious shenanigans ensue as they fight each other to make it to the altar in their dream wedding. A few commentaries on […]

Support for Men

Apparently a new craze is sweeping the nation: “mantyhose.” Interesting blog post about this relatively new group of products that advertise support for men: We though we should blog about this for a couple reasons. First, how often do you get to type “mantyhose”? (That’s twice now for me). Second, how interesting that men are […]