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More on the Recession

As you can tell, the economy’s on my mind these days (is there anyone out there who’s not thinking about it?). Today’s New York Times had a fascinating piece on how layoffs are affecting the percentage of women in the workforce, concluding that women’s workforce particpation may well surpass men’s if current trends in layoffs […]

More on the Gendered Recession

As a follow-up to the post from earlier this week, below are links to two more great posts on the recession, women, and gender: “Gender implications of the recession” by Ann at “Coverage of WOMEN and the Recession” by Deborah Siegel at Girl w/ Pen As they point out, the coverage so far on […]

A Gendered Recession?

Regular readers of the New York Times may have noticed that the Times believes that there are currently two recessions going on — a women’s recession which leads to  support groups named things such as DABA (Dating a Banker Anonymous) and women who suffer vicariously from their boyfriends’ / husbands’ layoffs, and a men’s recession in which […]