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July Celebrates Women’s Motorcycle Month

In May, Harley Davidson celebrated Women Riders Month and now during the month of July, Nationwide Insurance has teamed with the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum to celebrate Women’s Motorcycle Month. The month is to celebrate women motorcyclists, both present female riders and women riders of the past who paved the way. While this sport […]

Sex Sells in Women’s Sports

A few weeks ago, the Women Center hosted the event, “Throwing like a Girl Since 1972.”  The event focused on Title IX and what it did for women’s participation in sports.  Although Title IX helped equalize the playing field for women’s participation in sports (pun intended) and provided opportunities for girls who wanted to play sports […]

1972 Wasn’t That Long Ago

Sports in my house only meant one thing, hockey. I grew up with it. I watched my brother play from the time I was a baby until my high school years. My dad and my brother still are involved in hockey in some way or another. Even though hockey was the sport in my house, […]