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Women’s Liberation = Unhappiness?

First, apologies for our lack of posting over the last month. The end of the semester was crazier than usual and the blog got lost in the shuffle, but we’re back. We will likely have a lighter posting scheduled over the summer, but promise to try not to disappear for almost a month again. The […]

Missing Mothers

From Unicef, via UN Dispatch and Feministing, comes a PSA on maternal mortality. Take a look: “Missing:” A message video by UNICEF about Maternal Mortality from Big Yellow Taxi on Vimeo. To find out what you can do to help stop these unnecessary deaths, visit this link and follow the action steps.

Moms are Mad!

Brenda sent me these two links a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would post on them, as she knows the whole parenthood dynamic is something about which I’m passionate.–pissed-off The short description is that mothers of young children are really angry with their male partners (of course, no mention of […]