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I Am Not My Hair

I recently had a conversation with some of my friends that I found perplexing.  We were discussing hair.  My friends all thought that long hair was more beautiful and that it could boost a girl’s self-esteem because it could make her feel prettier.  I found this “theory” a little flawed.  Although, I recognize that most […]

Barbie’s Positive Influence

Barbie – just the name alone is epic.  Images of a glamorous doll with long blonde hair, a tiny waist, and a big bust, come to mind whenever someone mentions the name. She has captured the attention of so many people for the past 50 years, especially young girls who often want to be just […]

Kiara Jefferson: Coming Out Of My Shell

Hello, Hello! My name is Kiara Jefferson, and I am a freshman here at UMKC! I must say that my college experience thus far has been wonderful! Before coming to college, I was very closed and shy. Since being here, I have really come out of my shell and become a pretty outgoing person. I remember […]