Bridezillas Take the Big Screen…Oh Yay

If you haven’t heard already, there’s this fabulous new movie that just came out…NOT. Bride Wars features two friends whose wedding is accidently booked for the same day at their dream location; therefore hilarious shenanigans ensue as they fight each other to make it to the altar in their dream wedding. A few commentaries on this film: – noting the potential backlash this and other women-centered films in 2009 could have on the recently acquired power of the female audience (circa Sex and the City and Twilight). – slightly snarky piece dissing this as another film that denigrates women – too true. – commentary on the Washington Post piece about wedding movies in general – of which this is one of the worst I’ve seen in awhile. – my favorite – where Anne Hathaway tries to justify this film as empowering women to stand up for themselves…you know, since getting the wedding of your dreams is the most important time to stand up for yourself.

Do I sound a bit jaded? I can’t help but be a little disgusted (okay, a lot disgusted) every time I see the preview for this movie. It’s bad enough that shows like “Bridezilla” have gained the popularity they have. And despite that fact that it’s already a sad statement of what marriage means in our society, it’s even more annoying that it’s always mocking women – because what man would get so worked up over one little day? At least that’s what all these shows seem to say.

Welcome to 2009.


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