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Want to be a part of the UMKC Women’s Center?

The UMKC Women’s Center is beginning Volunteer Fridays this summer.  We need volunteers to help staff our front desk on Fridays from 9am to 3pm. There is no experience necessary, just a great attitude and enthusiasm for learning about women’s issues. If you are looking for a way to get involved with the Women’s Center […]

So What If You Are A Man, You Are Still Important to the Women’s Center

 “So why is there only a women’s center and not a men’s center?”  “How can a man benefit from a women’s center?”   These are just a couple questions the Women’s Center staff at UMKC receives from men who walk into our office.  We are constantly asked these questions because there seems to be a perception that men are […]

Why We Still Need Women’s Centers (Continued)

One of our first posts here was why women’s centers are still relevant and needed. This video, put together by a graduate student at San Diego State University, addresses the same topic, but is much cooler. Take a look and let us know what you think.