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Blame it on her clothes… and “biology”!

The following article originally appeared on the author’s Man Up! blog and has been reposted with the author’s permission.  David Belt is the Man Up! Program Coordinator for the Missouri Organization to Counter Sexual Assault. Working in the field of sexual violence prevention, we regularly bump up against men (and women) that – though they […]

Woman Up

Guest posted by Kristen Abell.  Originally posted at Recently a couple items in the news have caught my eye, and my thoughts/feelings about these particular items have been such that I wanted to write a little something about them. Pardon my rant. About a week ago, the Kansas City Chiefs released one of their […]

What Would You Do?

Guest post by David Belt from MOCSA on the roles of men in an ABC News segment. ABC News has recently decided to play mad scientist by attempting to cross reality TV with social experimentation (throwing in a little “candid camera” and possibly “Punk’d”) in order to ask the age old question of staged situations, […]

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

(David Belt is the Program Coordinator for the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault’s Man Up! Program. He recently participated in the UMKC Women’s Center’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event on September 25 and wanted to share his thoughts on the event in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.)Being mindful of the daily […]