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Vampires, V-Day, Barbie and Denim… These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things…

January is coming to an end and the Spring semester is in full swing.  To supplement all the learning that our students will be doing this semester, The Women’s Center has a host of events coming up in the next three months.  From Vampires to V-Day,  from sports to art, there are events and programs for […]

Mary Daly: Radical or just sexist?

Over the past few weeks, due to her recent passing, Dr. Mary Daly has made headlines once again. Across the web and on the airwaves, reactions about the controversial feminist have been as mixed as ever. The Women’s Center recently co-sponsored an event featuring “fumerist” Kate Clinton, whose tribute to Daly has also been posted […]

Emily Mathis: The Women’s Center’s New Bookworm

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and I just started working at the Women’s Center. I’m really excited about working here and being a part of all the events that are coming up! I transferred to UMKC last semester from Johnson County Community College and I really like it here. I am an English Creative […]

Kate Clinton Brings Lesbian Humor to UMKC

Last night, Kate Clinton performed in UMKC’s Pierson Auditorium.  Co-sponsored by Willow Productions and the Women’s Center, the event drew more than 300 people to campus.  The publicity for this event described Kate as a “faith-based, tax-paying, America-loving political humorist and family entertainer”, but in Kate’s own words, she is a “fumerist” or feminist humorist, set out to […]

Inspiring Stories from Local Women Leaders

I am currently a mentor in the Starr Women Leadership Program (SWLP) and I am really enjoying it. Through this program (which is collaboration between the UMKC Women’s Center and the Women’s Council) I have had the opportunity to attend some great workshop and events to build on my leadership skills.  The Starr program I […]

Gender Equality Produces a Double Dividend…

…it benefits both women and children.  A recent article regarding women’s rights and global issues concluded that healthy, educated and empowered women have healthy, educated and confident daughters and sons. Gender equality will not only empower women to overcome poverty and live full and productive lives, but will better the lives of children, families and […]

Who’s Watching You?

January is stalking awareness month. Stalking is a serious crime that anyone can fall victim to.  Late last fall, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews became the victim of an obsessed fan’s terrifying actions. According to a recent article, Michael David Barrett stalked Andrews, including following her to different cities as she traveled for work, obtaining hotel […]

How do you define sex and virginity?

While checking out a recent blog at Gloria Feldt’s website , I came across a short entry about a new film by Theresa Shechter on the subject of virginity called How to Lose Your Virginity. From what I can glean from the preview, it looks like it will be a very interesting film. Even though […]

January is Stalking Awareness Month

Every year in January, National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM) educates our nation to fight against this horrible crime.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, one in 12 women will be stalked in their lifetime for an average of two years.  Additionally, 76% of female homicide victims are stalked prior to death, and more than […]