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The NHAS Strategy is on Its Way to Stopping HIV/AIDS

On July 13, 2010 President Obama delivered the National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS).  This strategy is designed to restrain the spread of infection and to allocate treatment resources that are lacking around the nation.  In Obama’s speech, he asserted three primary goals for the NHAS: To reduce HIV incidence To increase access to care and optimizing […]

Women’s Healthcare Discussed in the Women’s Center

Late last month, a Public Policy group from the University of Missouri held a Focus Group at the Women’s Center concerning the quality of healthcare for women. The discussion involved mostly women of child-bearing age who shared their experiences with health insurance, women’s healthcare, and well-child care. Many women present during the session expressed their […]

The Importance of Global Women’s Health

When you hear the slogan “Healthy Woman, Healthy World” what comes to mind? What should come to mind are the millions of women suffering from preventable illness and disease globally. In many countries around the world, women are the primary caregivers of their families and the lifeblood of their community. When a woman’s ability to […]

The Role of Women’s Health in the Current Healthcare Debate

First off, let me just make a clarification about the use of the words “Healthcare Debate” in the above title. At this time, it is nearly impossible to call the discourse surrounding the issue of healthcare reform a “debate”. It has seemed more like two gangs of children lining up opposite each other and hurtling […]