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Feminist blogging, a marketing ploy?

Is feminist blogging legitimate or just another marketing tool? That seems to be a question getting tossed around the blogosphere.  It all started because of a post by Emily Gould about Jezebel and similar sites. In her post Gould asserts that these sites are not helping women but are still perpetuating female insecurities to generate […]

Australia Makes Body Image History

In the past week, Australia announced the first body-image initiative in the world. According to a recent article, the initiative is a voluntary code that media and modeling agencies, as well as others, can choose to adhere to.  This code includes guidelines that promote healthy body image, such as limiting the amount of altering that […]

“Real” Women, Body Image, and the Media

I was talking to a friend recently and we were discussing how we had both put on weight since high school (when we met) and one remark that she made really stood out for me: “I know that I should feel really bad about how I look and I should want to lose weight but […]

Elena Kagan’s Sexual Orientation… Is it a Big Deal or Not?

Lately in the news, there has been much debate about Solicitor General Elena Kagan’s sexual orientation and whether or not it matters when considering her nomination to the Supreme Court.  A recent article in the Washington Post addressed the issue from both sides of the argument.  Some American’s feel that it is our business to […]

Celebrities taking a stand against the media’s obsession with “perfect”

Who would have thought that Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson would be the next wave of celebrities taking a stand against the media and our culture’s obsession with perfection? It seems like whenever there is a big tabloid melee about a certain celebrity’s “fat” swimsuit pictures (Think Tyra Banks and Jennifer Love Hewitt), the celebrity in question […]

Square Butts for Kids?

I don’t know how many of you have seen the new Burger King commercial advertising Spongebob Squarepants kids meals, but after seeing it for the first time the other day, I have to say I’m appalled that Burger King thinks this appropriate marketing – to kids or adults. For a quick view of the whole […]

"Impossibly Beautiful" @ Shakesville

The “Impossibly Beautiful” series over at Shakesville is, for my money, one of the best series of blog posts out on the internet. In today’s installment, Melissa McEwan looks at a video op-ed from the New York Times, titled “Sex, Lies, and Photoshop.” I encourage all of you to check out Melissa’s post and watch the […]