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Need a Break From Twilight?

For all of you out there that may be a little tired of all of the Twilight hype, I thought I would suggest some alternatives with some feminist flare. If vampires are what you like, consider reading the Vampire Academy Series. This series has 5 books currently, and the 6th and final one will be […]

Plastic Surgery Shouldn’t Be the Answer

I don’t know if you can pinpoint exactly when plastic surgery became all the rage. Maybe it was when The Girls Next Door became a hit on E!, showcasing three very blonde and surgically altered women living the life of luxury in the Playboy mansion. Or maybe it was when shows like Extreme Makeover came […]

A Disturbing Trend

In a recent column in the New York Times, writer Maureen Dowd discussed a group of young men who were setting up a “fantasy draft league”.  However, this league was not for football or basketball, but for young girls in their community. Apparently the boys set up a ranking system for how “hot” a girl […]

American Apparel: Too Thin and Too Sexy?

I doubt that I would have heard of American Apparel if it weren’t for the fact that I pay a little attention to fashion.  There was also a lot of media coverage about how they were a small fashion company who made simple clothes right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. But more recently, I […]

The New Barbie?

Nicki Minaj is a new, emerging rap artist. She calls herself the new “Barbie.” Some little girls are now calling themselves Barbie because they look up to Nicki. Is this the kind of role model you want your daughter to be idolizing? I’ve noticed that some girls want to call themselves “Barbie” like Nicki does, […]

Sex Education: Honesty is the Best Policy

According to a recent article in the New York Times, teen pregnancy rates are on the rise after almost ten years on the decline. While the article talks about some of the data related to the rise, including higher abortion rates in teenage girls and how in light of all of the data and statistics, […]

How do you define sex and virginity?

While checking out a recent blog at Gloria Feldt’s website , I came across a short entry about a new film by Theresa Shechter on the subject of virginity called How to Lose Your Virginity. From what I can glean from the preview, it looks like it will be a very interesting film. Even though […]