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Australia Makes Body Image History

In the past week, Australia announced the first body-image initiative in the world. According to a recent article, the initiative is a voluntary code that media and modeling agencies, as well as others, can choose to adhere to.  This code includes guidelines that promote healthy body image, such as limiting the amount of altering that […]

Is Spain moving in the right direction on issues regarding body image? What could we learn?

By now, you’ve probably either read something or heard something about a recent decision by Spain to curb the amount of advertising for cosmetic surgery, weight-loss pharmaceuticals, and certain beauty treatments on their airwaves.  According to a recent article, this decision was based on the government supported effort to help combat “forces that push girls […]

Thin Images

As one might expect, the topics of female body image and eating disorders is an oft discussed topic here at the Women’s Center.  We already have several entries in our blog achieves which deal with these topics.  These articles cover a range of more specific issues tied to eating disorders and body image, and if […]

Eating Disorders: Getting Past the Myths

Many people are aware of the serious nature of eating disorders, but sometimes stereotypes and myths can distort our perception of the illnesses.  We think that individuals with eating disorders should look or act a certain way because of what we see or read in the media or what is most often discussed in conversations.  […]

The Dangers of Eating Disorders During Pregnancy

As I reported in a previous blog, eating disorders are dangerous for women.  From another recent article, I learned that they are especially dangerous for women who are pregnant.  According to the article, generally, it is difficult for women who have eating disorders to get pregnant because most of the time they are not healthy […]

Eating Disorders

The most common types of eating disorders are bulimia (bulimia nervosa) and anorexia (anorexia nervosa). Both are very serious conditions, and if left untreated, can lead to serious medical problems or even death. According to a recent article I read, individuals who have eating disorders don’t see their bodies the way everyone else does and […]