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Party Line

Brenda (the Director of the Women’s Center) and I have been debating over the last week whether or not to blog about any of the Democratic National Convention. There have been some pretty significant speeches made by and about women, and it seems like something that would belong on a women’s center blog. At the […]

Dora the Exhibitionist?

For those who attended this year’s Starr Symposium, the latest development for Dora the Explorer might not surprise you that much – even if it does disturb you. Why do some marketers feel the need to “sex up” girl characters so much? Even ones targeting pre-school age children? What are your thoughts on this? Do […]

Midwifery in Missouri

At the Women’s Center Open House yesterday, the topic of midwifery came up. Apparently, Missouri has recently supported the decision to allow direct entry midwifery. According to Wikipedia, “A direct-entry midwife is educated in the discipline of midwifery in a program or path that does not also require her to become educated as a nurse. […]

Why We Still Need the Women’s Movement (and Women’s Centers)

When I tell people what I do for a living, I’m often asked why universities still need women’s centers. After all, they tell me, women are equal now, and so an office dedicated to advancing women’s equality seems out-of-date, as unnecessary as the larger women’s movement that caused the founding of campus women’s centers. So, […]

Disclaimer: Websites & Guest Posts

Disclaimer: Various links on the UMKC Women’s Center blog open third party websites. We do not assume any responsibility for material located outside of this blog. Listing of material on this website does not serve as a contract between the UMKC Women’s Center and any other party and does not constitute an endorsement of any […]

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the UMKC Women’s Center Blog! This blog is designed to create a safe space for UMKC students and Kansas City community members to learn about and discuss women’s and gender issues. We envision this blog as a space where we can come together to post on and discuss the hot topics of the […]

Comments Policy

The UMKC Women’s Center wishes to foster a lively, civil debate through the use of blog comments. You must be registered to post a comment. All comments are welcome as long as they do not contain racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise overtly objectionable content. Differences of opinion are welcome; comments will not be deleted on […]

UMKC Women’s Center Blog Posting Soon

Welcome to the UMKC Women’s Center Blog! This blog is currently under construction, but we will begin posting on Monday, August 18, 2008. So be sure to check back then to keep informed and join the discussion!