Monthly Archives: December 2008

Boys Will be Boys?

Wow, way for this Seattle school district to enforce those damaging “boys will be boys,” but “girls should be chaste” stereotypes we all thought (okay, maybe hoped is a better word) we were starting to outgrow: What I can’t believe is that even after being questioned, they’re planning on defending themselves against this. Do you […]

Mamma Mia!

Just another example of how women impact Hollywood: It’s time to listen up! Let’s get some women up the ladder so they can start running things there!


In the past, when I have done educational presentations with students, they tend to underrate or disbelieve the actual number of women who are victims/survivors of sexual assault. When questioned further, they state that if that many sexual assaults were occurring, you’d hear about it more often. You’d think. But then you have a case […]

Bad News for Women Directors?

For anyone who is as avid a fan of the Twilight series as I am (I know, it’s a guilty pleasure), you may already have been following the news about the movies and the canning(?) of Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke (although the public statement is that Hardwicke and Summit mutually decided to part ways, inside […]

Girls Can Do It, Too

This writer takes a great perspective on how Obama’s presidency will not only affect people worldwide because of race, but because of his daughters: This is really a profound way of thinking about how this presidency will affect all women. There have been many articles about Michelle Obama, but this definitely makes an interesting point […]

So what’s wrong with short hair?

Via Jezebel comes a story from the NY Daily News about the horror (the horror!) of the renewed popularity of short haircuts for women (you know it’s popular when Posh Spice does it). As someone who cut her hair short years ago and never looked back, I just don’t get it. And more importantly, why […]

Happy Graduation!

Okay, how can you not think this is completely awesome? What incredible perseverance and willpower she had to have to go back to school at that age? And really just to say she got her college degree? I thought that was pretty cool.

Pro-Ana on Facebook

This another disturbing trend for “pro-ana” (pro-anorexia) groups: As stated in the article, there are both pros and cons to this. While the groups may further encourage the eating disorder, the public aspect of the groups may facilitate more discussion and assistance for those who join them. I could also see this as going another […]

Only Boy or Girl?

Check out this review of a fascinating new book by Katrina Karkazis examining intersex: Approached from a feminist viewpoint, Karkazis manages to take a look at gender norms and the role they play in how the medical field has previously approached intersex.

Obama Supports CEDAW

So here’s some good news for women everywhere: “President-elect Barack Obama pledged to restore United States’ international standing, including a promise to push for ratification of the long-ignored United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, the women’s equal rights treaty known as CEDAW, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Nov. […]