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Local Resources in Fight against Domestic and Sexual Violence

Last time, I looked at a few state-wide resources in Missouri and Kansas, but this week, I’d like to talk briefly about three resources that we have right here in the community. For starters, we have a good list of local resources here on the UMKC Women’s Center website, and I’m using this resource to […]

State-level Organizations Combating Domestic Violence

In my last post, aside from giving a very brief overview of the history of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I highlighted some organizations at the national level that work to raise awareness about, and to directly combat, domestic violence. Today I will bring the focus a little closer to home by presenting a couple state-level […]

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In honor of DVAM, the Women’s Center has organized several events to increase domestic violence awareness: These Hands Don’t Hurt and the White Ribbon Campaign TablesOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so visit our awareness tables to participate in two events: “These Hands Don’t Hurt” allows you to stamp your handprints on a banner, creating […]

The History of Domestic Violence Awareness Month

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) I’ve decided to dedicate all of my blogs to the subject of organizations that deal directly with domestic violence awareness and prevention. My goal is to highlight a few such organizations per week, and give a brief overview of their contributions. The main reason why I feel […]