Women are Bullies in Workplace

According to a recent study, women account for the majority of the bullying towards other women that takes place in the workplace.

Peggy Claus writes about it for the New York Times here:

To read Jezebel’s commentary on it, check out their post here:

These include some great thoughts on why women don’t speak up about this bullying, too. It’s definitely hard to deal with this from both sides as a woman, especially when it feels like our place in the work force is still so tentative in some ways. When we are constantly trying to fight that image of “bitch,” “cheerleader,” or “too sensitive,” speaking up and allowing all women to work through some of these issues becomes so much more complicated.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do these articles strike you as being correct? Incorrect? What do you think we could do to address this problem?


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