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1972 Wasn’t That Long Ago

Sports in my house only meant one thing, hockey. I grew up with it. I watched my brother play from the time I was a baby until my high school years. My dad and my brother still are involved in hockey in some way or another. Even though hockey was the sport in my house, […]

Women Trusting Women

UMKC Women’s Center uses blogging to discuss issues that are critical to women and to gender equality.  Topics that have been addressed in the past have ranged from eating disorders, body image, raising awareness about violence against women, women’s health issues, feminism, and even the Twilight series. All of these topics that are written are […]

The Benefits of Eating Breakfast

We have all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but as busy college students, mothers, working professionals, or all three, we oftentimes don’t have time for breakfast and it’s really difficult to eat a plate of scrambled eggs while we’re rushing out the door (well, some of you more […]

Rethinking What Feminism Means

Has feminism become a dirty word? And if it has, why? Feminism is defined by as: “The doctrine — and the political movement based on it — that women should have the same economic, social, and political rights as men.” This is a very accurate definition of the word Feminism. Yet, if you ask people […]

Opening Your Eyes to Dating Violence

Sometimes it seems like dating violence is more upsetting to me than any other form of domestic violence.  This is because I’ve seen what dating violence has done to a very close friend I’ll call Erica. Last semester The Women’s Center sponsored an event called “Dating Violence 101” and it really opened my eyes to […]

Sex Education: Honesty is the Best Policy

According to a recent article in the New York Times, teen pregnancy rates are on the rise after almost ten years on the decline. While the article talks about some of the data related to the rise, including higher abortion rates in teenage girls and how in light of all of the data and statistics, […]

Thin Images

As one might expect, the topics of female body image and eating disorders is an oft discussed topic here at the Women’s Center.  We already have several entries in our blog achieves which deal with these topics.  These articles cover a range of more specific issues tied to eating disorders and body image, and if […]

Twilight: A Good Example?

Mention the word Twilight and you will either get a cringe, an eye-roll, a fanning motion for the lead men, or a hostile glare. The series of books written by Stephenie Meyer has topped bestsellers lists and the movies have broken records at the box office. Yet, you will find that not all women and […]

Go Red for Women

According to a recent article I read, every 25 seconds an American will have a coronary event, and about one American every minute will die from a heart attack. Heart disease is the leading killer in men and women in the United States. Although heart disease is sometimes thought of as a “man’s disease,” women […]

V-Day: It’s Here

At the UMKC Women’s Center, February means V-Day.  If you’re not familiar with V-Day, here’s how the V-Day website describes it: “V-Day exists for no other reason than to stop violence against women.”      Many people are familiar with movements such as the Race for the Cure for breast cancer awareness or Wear Red Day […]