Monthly Archives: September 2008

It’s Still Ladies’ Night

I’m curious what people have to say about this lawsuit: Interesting that he is attacking bars as being feminist, when they are promoting ladies nights in reality to attract male customers. Does anyone have any comments or thoughts about this?

Banned Books Week

Celebrate Banned Books Week by reading a banned book! This list is especially relevant for women since there are more banned books on here by women than by men. Find a banned book by a woman and celebrate your democratic freedom to read it!

Guest Posting Guidelines

We welcome guest posts here on the Women’s Center blog. Guest posting gives the readers fresh perspectives beyond what we can provide. We also learn a lot from the guest posts. Here are two reasons why you may want to write guest posts: You will promote critical thinking and teach others about an issue.This is […]

Student Voting Information

With such an important election coming up, everyone needs to make sure they’re registered to vote. Have questions about voting as a student? Visit this site to find out more! And then remember to get out and vote in November!

New Girl on the Job

Excellent article by a previous visiting speaker at the Women’s Center, Hannah Seligson. Have you had a similar experience in the workplace? Do you agree/disagree with any of the things she points out in this article? Let us know about your experiences by commenting below.

Walk a Mile

Although these are some scary statistics and stories, this is an issue that has been and continues to affect women, especially those in college and younger. If you have a few minutes, I highly recommend checking this out and taking the time to read a little bit about it. In an effort to reach out […]

Fusing Politics and Motherhood in a New Way

This article from today’s New York Times is actually one of the better-researched and written articles concerning the combination of Sarah Palin’s motherhood and political career. One piece of it that I find especially intriguing and relevant is the different approach she takes to combining her family and her career, taking both her children and […]

Mommy Wars? Really?

This might be one of the most obnoxious articles I’ve read in awhile. Does it bother anyone else that at no point in this article do they debate her political credentials, just her “mommy” status? Media everywhere are jumping all over this, and it’s driving me nuts. When was the last time any of us […]

Facebook Ads

Here’s a great article about the ads on Facebook. For those of you who have seen them and been insulted or offended, I think you’ll appreciate the finer points of advertising offered by the author.What do you think about the ads on Facebook? Are they too “in your face”? Or are they just another way […]