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Changes at the Women’s Center

We are now in the fourth week of the fall semester and it is one that has brought lots of changes to the UMKC Women’s Center. First, we are pleased to welcome our new staff members — Arzie Umali as Assistant Director, and Kerra McCorkle as Violence Prevention Coordinator, as well as our new graduate […]

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes 2009

Like watching grown men trip over their feet? Stop by UMKC at 5:30 p.m. on 9/22 to see men walk a mile in women’s heels. Register and fundraise online at: And check out the video from last year below!

Starr Women Leaders Program Now Accepting Applications

Are you a female UMKC undergraduate or high school 9th, 10th, or 11th grader majoring and/or interested in a career in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or the health sciences? If so, apply now for an exciting new program at UMKC: the Starr Women Leaders Program! SWLP is a collaborative initiative of the UMKC Starr Symposium […]

Women’s Rights & Trivialities

So, as I think everyone knows by now, Hillary Clinton got a little peeved in the Congo recently and there’s been some debate about whether she was “diplomatic” enough in her response. So far, that seems fair enough (although as plenty of feminists out in the blogosphere have pointed out, she really was in the […]


When women start having liposuction on their ANKLES to make them more slender, words fail me. Luckily, Lynn Harris at Salon’s Broadsheet blog, and Hortense over at Jezebel did manage to find the words to point out how awful and ridiculous the whole “cankles” nonsense is. So, go read their pieces and then head back […]

Women’s Center News

There’s a lot happening at the Women’s Center these days (yes, even though it’s July. Things are NEVER quiet here). First, we are hiring a half-time Violence Prevention Coordinator. See the job description and apply online: Also, we are working hard to get our fall calendar set and now have updated information on the […]

Save the Date: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 2009

Save the date for the 2009 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, to be held September 22, 2009. More details will be posted here and in all the other usual places (Facebook, website, Twitter). In the meantime, take a look at the video from last year’s Walk:

Women’s Liberation = Unhappiness?

First, apologies for our lack of posting over the last month. The end of the semester was crazier than usual and the blog got lost in the shuffle, but we’re back. We will likely have a lighter posting scheduled over the summer, but promise to try not to disappear for almost a month again. The […]

Thinness and Women

Via Jezebel, comes an interesting piece from The Daily Mail on thinness and women just in time for equal pay day (since the author argues that the thin obsession is one possible reason for the gender pay gap). While  agree with Jezebel that the body-shaming bits are unfortunate in an otherwise good piece, I also whole-heartedly agree with […]

Support the Women’s Center — Buy Raffle Tickets!

During the month of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the UMKC Women’s Center will be selling raffle tickets to benefit the UMKC Violence Prevention & Response Project. Tickets will be $1 each or six for $5and can be purchased at one of our Sexual Assault Awareness Month information tables throughout the month, or at the Women’s […]