Need a Break From Twilight?

For all of you out there that may be a little tired of all of the Twilight hype, I thought I would suggest some alternatives with some feminist flare.

If vampires are what you like, consider reading the Vampire Academy Series. This series has 5 books currently, and the 6th and final one will be released on December 7th. The main character, Rose Hathaway, is as anti-Bella as you can get. Rose is a butt-kicking, no crap taking, says and does what she wants heroine.  The author of the series, Richelle Mead, created a world very different from that of the sparkling amber-eyed Twilight vamps.

In the Vampire Academy series there are two different types of vamps: the Moroi which only feed on humans voluntarily and are not immortal, and the Stigoi which kill humans and are immortal. Rose, the heroine of the novels is a Dhampir–half Moroi vamp, half human. Dhampirs are trained from childhood to protect the Moroi. Rose’s best friend is Lissa, a royal Moroi, and together they navigate their way through senior year at St. Vladimir’s Academy, a vampire school. Throughout the books Rose goes through normal teenage ups and downs of friendships and relationships, while also fighting the Stigoi, figuring out her bond with Lissa, and trying to figure herself out.

This series could not be more different from Twilight.  Although both have vampires and are each being made into movies, that is where the similarities end. Rose is strong, brave, and independent, which is the very opposite of Bella’s clumsiness, fragileness, and constant need to be saved. While the series still lacks some diversity, I feel it does a better job of presenting relationships and what it can mean to be female.

If vampires are not your thing, there is a series out there for you too: Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. The Trilogy includes: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Written originally in Swedish, they have been translated into English and are making quite the splash over here. One of the main characters, Lisbeth Salander, is being called a modern day feminist heroine.

This series is mysterious and suspenseful, with twists and turns that will keep you hooked, along with family dramas, love, and adventure. These books have been made into three very successful Swedish films that are already being released in the United States.  As if all of this isn’t enough of a reason to read the most talked about series in the country, the Women’s Center will also be hosting a discussion of the books in October! So read them now and come join us to discuss Lisbeth Salander as a feminist heroine.

While some of you may want to just watch the movies and skip the books, I would have to tell you that you would be missing out. Everyone knows the books are always better than the movies.


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