Monthly Archives: June 2010

What’s Being a Woman Got to Do With It?

Over the past couple of months I have become increasingly aware of the fact that sex discrimination in the workplace is still very much a problem. For some reason, call it wishful thinking, I thought that with all the anti-discrimination laws that are out there and the spiels that new employees get about sexual harassment […]

American Apparel: Too Thin and Too Sexy?

I doubt that I would have heard of American Apparel if it weren’t for the fact that I pay a little attention to fashion.  There was also a lot of media coverage about how they were a small fashion company who made simple clothes right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. But more recently, I […]

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you saw a woman being battered?  Would you do something – maybe call the police? Or would you just ignore it and think that it wasn’t any of your business? You may think that you would try to intervene.  But are you sure? This question came up in a recent […]