Miller Lite Wants You to “Man” Up

Miller Lite has created two commercials advertising their beer product.  Unfortunately, the commercials are very sexist towards women. They assume women don’t care about the taste of beer and actually insinuating that beer is a ‘man’ thing.  After looking at this commercial numerous times, this is clearly a misrepresentation of all women.  The fact of the matter is women do care about selecting a particular alcoholic beverage and we don’t like being used as an insult.

This commercial feels like it isn’t just to promote Miller Lite’s beer, but it is also putting down women by using femininity as an insult for the men and assuming females don’t care about things like how beer tastes.  The truth of the matter is, being a woman is an awesome thing and society needs to quit turning being a ‘woman’ into an insult. It’s sad that masculinity is still considered the ultimate trait and femininity a bad one. Miller Lite and society need to stop making being ‘female’ the ultimate insult.

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