Women Riders Month

I recently just became aware that in May, Harley Davidson celebrates Women Riders Month. Apparently, the motorcycle company has events all over the country celebrating, as they like to put it, “women taking to the handlebars”. This trend of more women riders definitely owes something to more women riding and selling bikes, like Kansas City’s Gail’s Harley Davidson.  Gail’s Harley Davidson Dealership is recognized as one of the top dealerships in the country and one of a limited number owned by a female. Gail’s Harley Davidson has won a large number of local and national awards in business, and its owner Gail Worth often gives public speaking engagements encouraging women entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

Women Rider’s Month, according to Women Rider’s Now website, is about inspiring and encouraging women to “get behind the handlebars and discover the freedom of motorcycling”, since according to the site “women riders are the fastest growing demographic in the motorcycle industry since 1990”. It seems like long gone are the stereotypes of motorcycles only being for bad boys and rough and tumble gangs.  It looks like women are taking motorcycling and making it their own.


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