January is Stalking Awareness Month

Every year in January, National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM) educates our nation to fight against this horrible crime.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, one in 12 women will be stalked in their lifetime for an average of two years.  Additionally, 76% of female homicide victims are stalked prior to death, and more than half of these victims report stalking to the police before being murdered by their stalkers.  Due to this alarming information, our nation needs to address this problem in order to “KNOW IT, NAME IT, and STOP IT.” There are numerous ways to promote stalking awareness.  Such as putting up posters that have various statistics and facts printed, typing social networking status updates, creating buttons, logos, magnets, developing stalking awareness events at schools and in the community, and the list continues in order to spread the message across the country.  Americans need to stay and remain informed about stalking. 

This month, The UMKC Women’s Center will have information tables on campus providing information about National Stalking Awareness Month.  Look for us on January 15 at Royall Hall and on January 26 at the Oak Street Residence Hall.  For additional information about how you can help promote this month, please visit the National Stalking Awareness Month website at http://stalkingawarenessmonth.org/promote.


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