Black Women’s Health Resource

I was surfing the internet and I came across this cool website about Black women’s health. The benefit of this site is that it offers a comprehensive list of health topics, nutrition and fitness tips, information on spiritual and mental health, and even financial advice.  And it addresses these topics as they relate to African American women.  It is like my own little personal reference.

One very interesting subject that it addresses regarding fitness is how Black women can get in a good workout, and at the same time, keep their hair nice and healthy.  As many African American women know, our hair can be somewhat sensitive under certain conditions and taking care of it can be time consuming and costly.  Because of this, some African American women may be reluctant to consider an exercise routine.  This website offers useful tips for overcoming this unique challenge.

The site also provides great information on health issues that are specific to my gender and ethnicity.  For example, it addresses high blood pressure and hypertension from the perspective of an on-the-go African American woman who may understand that having healthy eating habits is necessary to preventing the disease, but making healthy dietary choices may not always be possible.  The website provides tips on now African American women can make those healthy choices and live the best life that they can.

I found the website to be a great resource and if you are an African American woman, you too should check out!


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