Woman’s Work: The Shriver Report

The Center for American Progress and Maria Shriver have broken new ground with the publication of The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything. By taking a hard look at how women’s changing roles are affecting our major societal institutions, the report outlines how these institutions rely on outdated models of who works and who cares for our families, and examines how all these parts of the culture have responded to one of the greatest social transformations of our time.

The survey finds much more similarities than differences between men and women across a host of items. Just one example: Men and women have very similar life goals. We value security, fulfilling work, and children to a similar degree.

I love the way the Center for American Progress identifies their project. They focused on the great work force transition of the late 20th century as a human issue, not a gendered issue. Although women have been moving into the work force at a higher rate than men, the movement is actually about all of us, men and women.

I thought this report was very interesting to look into. To me, it really emphasized that everybody most definitely should be treated equally.


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