Your Creation Equals Big Bucks

The week of October 19th we are celebrating “National Love Your Body Day”. This is an annual event held to help women love their bodies just as they are. Also it’s an on-going fight against the media and its horrible portrayal of women using distorted images. They commonly represent women as starved, drug-addicted, surgically-enhanced individuals. This does not represent the female population at large, causing women to be more dissatisfied with their bodies. I think that the “National Love Your Body Day” campaign is great and I am happy that we participate.

In doing some further research on the national website, I came across this really cool contest that has been held yearly for the past ten years now. It is a poster making contest that encourages people of all ages and walks of life to have their positive perception on body image seen. Although the contest guidelines are kind of strict, I think this is a great contest for the right creative mind. The most original work receives a grand prize of not only $600 in spending cash, but their poster will be used for the national campaign the following year. This is really awesome! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I think you should go for it, you never know you just might win!


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