Women’s Healthcare Discussed in the Women’s Center

Late last month, a Public Policy group from the University of Missouri held a Focus Group at the Women’s Center concerning the quality of healthcare for women. The discussion involved mostly women of child-bearing age who shared their experiences with health insurance, women’s healthcare, and well-child care. Many women present during the session expressed their concerns that, under the current healthcare policies, their needs were not being met. Also some women discussed that they have been refused treatment at some doctor’s offices for various reasons, including lack of health insurance. After the session, I realized how bad some people have it and that the current healthcare system is not meeting the needs of most women. This, coupled with high unemployment, does not make a good combination for many Americans today. How can some families pay for health insurance when they do not even have a job? I think that everybody needs access to healthcare no matter what their financial situation is. I was really happy to participate in the focus group. Listening to the stories of the other women in the group really helped me understand the need for healthcare reform, especially for women.

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