The Importance of Global Women’s Health

When you hear the slogan “Healthy Woman, Healthy World” what comes to mind?

What should come to mind are the millions of women suffering from preventable illness and disease globally. In many countries around the world, women are the primary caregivers of their families and the lifeblood of their community. When a woman’s ability to care for her family is affected by health issues, the community is affected as well.

In recent news, women’s health issues have been receiving increased international attention and renewed political commitment. Attention is being paid towards global women’s health concerns such as prenatal and postnatal care. In many third world countries around the world, women are dying from complications during childbirth that could have been easily prevented through proper prenatal and postnatal care. Women are also suffering unnecessarily from disease and illness that preventative healthcare and skilled medical attention could have prevented. Basic healthcare is something that many of us take from granted, but something to which many women around the world do not have access. Although, more attention is being paid toward women’s health globally, government intervention is vital. Many families and communities around the world depend on it.


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