Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the first thing that popped into my head was the incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna. The situation is not such a “hot topic” anymore, but I remember when it first happened and how much publicity it got. Honestly, I was kind of upset and had lots of mixed feelings about it. I am not, by any means, saying that what Chris Brown did was right; because it wasn’t. He shouldn’thave put his hands on Rihanna. I think my biggest issue was how much attention this particular domestic violence case received. I understand that some people might think of the situation as a little more tragic because Chris Brown and Rihanna are celebrities. But I really didn’t think that. I was thinking about all the other women and men who are suffering everyday from domestic violence and who haven’t received any support or a helping hand. Chris Brown abused Rihanna and people were banning his music, doing TV specials on domestic violence, etc. Do we need a celebrity to get abused before we really start caring? “Regular” people need all the same support and concern that Rihanna received.

I heard Chris Brown’s apology and he says that he is sorry. I have also heard that he and Rihanna are still seeing each other even after the incident happened. Whether or not this was true, many people had a lot to say about this; and some were even calling Rihanna dumb and stupid and all types of things. I hear that this happens a lot and there are women who often go back to their abusers. In my mind, it is hard for me to understand why anyone would go back to someone that abuses them. Maybe it’s about fear and control, but since I have been lucky to never have been in an abusive situation, it is too complex for me to understand.

Mainly, I think we need to be supportive and concerned when it’s our friend, neighbor, brother, or co-worker who is affected by domestic violence. We shouldn’t only pay attention when it involves celebrities. In Chris Brown’s case, everyone was turning on the news and the radio to hear the latest update on the situation. I just wish that the “regular” people who are going through the same thing could get the same support and attention.


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  1. Miyako
    Posted October 12, 2009 at 7:48 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Keshia I definetly agree that this case got a ridiculous amount of publicity and cases where men have killed their wives or women have been sucessful at Castrating their husbands(Loraina Bobbit) hit the news one day and gone the next. I mean yes it was good that the media gave a cold shoulder to Chris Brown they should have done the same for those other people and came down on the "regular" criminals just as they did on this celebrity. I really appreciate you writing an article bringing attention to this topic because issue like this never need to get swept under the rug.

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