Lakeshia Moore: Future Teacher

My name is LaKeshia Marie and I am a senior majoring in Elementary Education and I am super excited about having my very own classroom next fall! At UMKC I really enjoy all of the organizations and clubs that they have available to students. I think that being involved makes for a more enjoyable college experience. I am currently a work study at the UMKC Women’s Center where our office puts on a lot of programs dealing with gender equality and sexual assault and violence prevention. I wanted to be a work study at the Women’s Center so I could learn a little more about what the office offered and I have learned so much! The programs that we put on are AWESOME and really do a good job of getting the word out about issues that we are concerned with. My senior year has been busy busy busy and I am sure it will stay that way! I am just really looking forward to graduation on May 8th and starting a new chapter in my life

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  1. Miyako
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    Keshia I just enjoy working with you! I really have to agree and say the programs we put on are TOTALLY AWESOME. I mean I just enjoy seeing the outcome of our hard work. I am really going to miss you when you graduate in May, but I know you will make am amazing teacher and I can not wait to hear some of your student will have to tell about you! Wink"the bleeding Ears" lol

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