Thinness and Women

Via Jezebel, comes an interesting piece from The Daily Mail on thinness and women just in time for equal pay day (since the author argues that the thin obsession is one possible reason for the gender pay gap). While  agree with Jezebel that the body-shaming bits are unfortunate in an otherwise good piece, I also whole-heartedly agree with the premise with that the time wome spend obsessing about our bodies keeps us from doing other great things. Case in point: a while ago, I was at a meeting with a group of accomplished, professional women, but the conversation nonetheless revolved mostly around their collective attempts to lose weight, and the feelings of guilt that come when they don’t achieve their “weight loss goals” (a phrase I seriously hate). And I kept thinking to myself “What could these amzaing women accomplish with all the time they spend worrying about what they’re eating, if they’re exercising enough, if they’re *bad* for having had the cheesecake, etc., etc.?” Truly, it breaks my heart. Healthy is fine, healthy is good — but obsessing is not. I wish we could learn to just let it go and change the world with all the extra time we’d have on our hands.


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