The End of the Women’s Movement?

My friend (and UMKC Women’s Center fave) Courtney has great piece over at The American Prospect on the “end” of the women’s movement.

To me, where she gets it dead right is in this paragraph:

In today’s climate of shaky economics, smaller and smaller subcultures, and lightning-speed information, a feminism based on picket lines and in-person consciousness-raising groups is next to impossible. I wish that we could all come to terms with that. Instead of pining over days far gone or talking about how we might resurrect them, we could put our energy into supporting the good work on the ground going on right now . . . We could revise our expectations — not a few giant fireworks but so many little sparks; not worldwide protests but effective public-awareness campaigns and advocacy and service provision; not a unified body but a courageous and creative culture.I think Courtney’s dead-on with this and it’s what I think we do here at the Women’s Center through our own events and by connecting folks with all the other amazing organizations doing fabulous work in Kansas City to improve the lives of women and girls.

So, go read the whole piece and then come back here and tell us what you’re doing as a feminist and whether you think the women’s movement is indeed over (at least in the sense Courtney implies).

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