V-Day and the V-Wall

This week wraps up our month of V-Day celebrations with our performances of The Vagina Monologues and Any One of Us: Words from Prison (February 25 & 26, respectively. Click here for more details and to purchase tickets). 

People often ask me if I don’t get tired of doing the same thing over and over, year after year, but the truth is, while the monologues may be the same (although we are doing a new piece this year — Any One of Us has not been previously performed in KC), a new cast and crew bring their own new interpretation — every single year I am inspired all over again by the dedication and hard work the women (and men) of V-Day UMKC bring to the cause of ending violence against women. 
This year, our events raise money to support V-Day’s 2009 Spotlight, Power to the Women and Girls of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where women have been suffering unimaginable atrocities for years. Bob Herbert’s column, “The Invisible War,” details what has been happening. V-Day also has a V-Wall dedicated to women and girls the Congo that provides information on what’s happening there, as well as ways for you to take action. Please visit it and support V-Day in their efforts to end violence against women.
And remember that when you support your local V-Day, you also support local anti-violence efforts. This year, our local beneficiary is the UMKC Violence Prevention and Response Project. The VPR Project strengthens the University’s response to sexual violence by providing advocacy services, training, and education/outreach to the campus community. These services help students who’ve been affected by sexual violence stay in school and get the support they need. 
So, please, sign up to support the V-Wall and join us this week at the V-Day UMKC 2009 performances to help us work towards ending violence against women locally and globally.

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