Bad News for Women Directors?

For anyone who is as avid a fan of the Twilight series as I am (I know, it’s a guilty pleasure), you may already have been following the news about the movies and the canning(?) of Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke (although the public statement is that Hardwicke and Summit mutually decided to part ways, inside sources say something slightly different). This has made major waves in movie news, mostly because Twilight was the most successful movie for a female director ever – and on an extremely limited budget.

With the hiring of a new director (less-than-successful Chris Weitz), Summit has brought even more criticism against themselves for going with a male for a female-dominated industry:

I have to admit, this makes me terribly sad and disappointed. No matter that Sex and the City and Twilight, two films directed at almost an entirely female audience, were two of the most successful films of the year in a male-dominated movie season, this move shows that Hollywood is still not ready to take women seriously.

What do we have to do to get them to listen?


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