Women’s Commission?

With the election done and out of the way, many people are looking forward to what our new president will be able to do in office. The National Council for Research on Women requested of its readers and bloggers what things they thought President-Elect Obama needed to do for women once he was in office:


It appears that one of the more popular ideas is for him to create a Commission on Women or a federal Department on Women’s Affairs. The idea behind both of these is to take a look at the issues affecting women, or even general issues and how they affect women, and see what we as a country can do to better support women. The Commission, as envisioned by Marie Wilson, President and Founder of The White House Project, would also look at ways to encourage and support more women in running and being elected to office, with the idea that the more women there are in office, the more likely their voices are to be heard.

As someone who consistently sees the uphill battle women have in just navigating their everyday lives, the idea of some sort of commission or department to research and support women’s issues sounds like a fantastic idea to me. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?


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